Eligibility and FAQ


The Audio Verse Awards are an annual awards show dedicated to celebrating the best in the free audio drama around the world.

In order for a production to be eligible for the Audio Verse Awards, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The production must have “aired” between October 1st, 2017 and September 30th, 2018.
  • It must be a freely available production. (i.e. if it’s on Audible, or if you have to pay to listen to it, it’s not eligible), pay what you will financing is allowed, if there is a zero dollar option.
  • We define audio drama as a dramatization, not prose, with actors playing characters and using sound effects or/and music to present the piece.
  • All elements of the audio drama must either be in the public domain or have the rights secured for presentation.

Keep in mind:

  • In order to have “aired” the production must be available online and distributed to the general public (through a website, RSS feed, iTunes, Google Play or SoundCloud). Services like Dropbox or Google Drive will not work, as unless you have the specific link, it is hard to come across those files.
  • The air date of a production will be when they first appeared for public consumption.
  • Freely available means that the actual production should be available for free online. You CAN support your actors and crew through merchandise, donations, advertising, or one or more people serving as a patron, we all have to pay for hosting and labor. However, the AVAs utilize public voting to determine winners, and productions behind a paywall are disadvantaged due to lack of accessibility.
  • Most Live-play RPG games do not meet our definition of Audio Drama, as while they do overlap in elements, much of the dramatic tension and conflict resolution is handled through mechanics of the game, out of character discussion, and their format is distinctly different from an improvised or scripted audio drama, particularly if there is no sound design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the different categorizations mean?

In order to differentiate between different shows, we split them based upon the following definitions:

  • Short/Long Form: The deciding line is 20 minutes. If the average length of an episode of the show is under, it’s short-form. Over, it is long-form.
  • Small/Large Cast: Under 7 characters/actors, small cast, 7 or more of them are large cast.
  • Ongoing/Self-Contained: Ongoing shows tell a story over multiple episodes. Self-Contained shows tell a story in one singular installment.

So, how is this going to work anyhow?

For three weeks (September 10th through September 30th ) we will accept general nominations. When nominations close, we will post a finalized list of nominees, then voting will open for two weeks to determine our finalists. The five nominees with the most votes in each category will proceed to the Finals. Final voting will commence for two more weeks, after which the finalists in each category with the most votes will be named the winners. We will announce the winners via our annual Award Show podcast, and through a press release shortly thereafter.

I nominated something, why isn’t it on the website?

Well, starting in 2017 we require a nominee to have two separate nominations in order to make our list of nominees. We’re expirementing with automated updates to our list of nominees, and we’ll be sitting down on Sundays during the nomination period to fix any strays.

It could be because the thing you nominated wasn’t eligible for some reason or another. If you are not sure if your nomination was eligible or not, feel free to drop us a line.

If I nominate something multiple times does it increase its chances of winning?

Nominating the same thing multiple times does not increase its chances of winning. We require two separate people to make a nomination in order for it to be nominated. You will receive an email with your nomination details, so if you continue to nominate the same thing over and over, you’ll continue to send yourself e-mails. We shall ignore duplicate nominations.

Our production is an Audiobook. Does it qualify?

The short answer: no, but maybe. The Audio Verse Awards are specifically focused on free audio dramas; fortunately, an array of award shows already exist for audio books.

That said, we do allow any free audio production to enter that is a dramatization with multiple characters and using sound effects or/and music to present the piece. If you consider your production to be an audiobook and it happens to fit our eligibility criteria, then it’s eligible.

Our freely available show makes money from advertising or donations. Do we still qualify?

Most certainly. Advertising and donations are not a barrier to entry whatsoever. After all, we all have to pay the bills.

We’re a professional company producing shows for profit, what about us?

Wow, that’s awesome! (Are you hiring?)

Currently, the Audio Verse Awards are laser focused on honoring audio dramas that are released for free. Just like audiobooks, there are other awards that are open to paid audio dramas.

I know nominations ended on September 30th, but we just found out about this. Is there any way we could get our show on the list of nominees?

We’re sorry, but once the list is finalized and the voting form is set, there is nothing we can do. However, we can keep track of your info and make sure you’ll know when nominations open up next year. We’ll look forward to seeing your show in the running then!

Who is all allowed to vote?

Who we allow to vote in the awards has changed a lot since our inception. Our first year, only people involved in the making of audio drama were allowed to vote. Our second year, we allowed fans of audio drama to cast their votes for the first time and weighed their votes against industry professionals for fairness sake. What we learned from vote weighing was that makers of audio drama, and the fans they serve, think a lot alike, and both sides are extremely fair to the community they love.

As a result, going forward, we’re allowing anyone to vote: fans, makers of audio drama, and everyone in between.

But if you let listeners vote, you’ll turn the awards into a popularity contest! What about voting fraud? Why are you letting people on the internet vote instead of letting a committee decide who wins?

Our experience shows otherwise. Vote weighing during the 2014 Audio Verse Awards yielded results showing that active and passive voters have nearly identical voting tastes. This new information, coupled with the community feedback we’ve received, leads us to believe that leveling the voting field is the fairest decision possible.

We get the popularity contest comment a lot. Art is subjective, and we’ve found that if we were to have a judging panel, the criteria to judge can vary from person to person. Vote for whom you think deserves it, because that’s what matters.

Opening voting up to the entire audio drama community keeps things fair, fresh, and open in ways a committee never could. We’ve also found that the number of people willing to listen to other productions and find joy when people discover something new that was in our list of nominees.

As far as voter fraud is concerned, we take steep precautions to prevent cheating. Any votes we determine to be fraudulent will be disqualified and those voters will no longer be allowed to participate in the Audio Verse Awards.

Why do I have to vote in every category? Isn’t there a “No Choice” option?

“No Choice” was an option on our ballot in the past, but it was quickly and systematically abused. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the shows in a category, voting for everyone allows for more interesting results and serves to hamper ballot stuffing. We are designed to reward and encourage listening to multiple audio dramas, and becoming familiar with the community.

Why are there two rounds of voting?

It’s a pretty big Audio Verse, and there are a lot of shows out there. Some categories will have over 50 shows which qualify for them. By having two rounds of voting we can hopefully make choosing a winner slightly easier. In addition, we’re more likely to catch fraudulent entries and ensure fair voting this way.

Look, I think that thing I’m nominated for is really truly great and deserves my vote. I can vote for my own thing, right?

As with any election, who and what you vote for is completely your prerogative. That said, we encourage you to check out the Full List of Nominees and vote for what YOU feel is best. If everyone only voted for themselves this would just be one giant brag fest, and we want the Audio Verse Awards to carry special meaning. So take some time to look through those Nominees and that Showcase, and if you still come away from it set on voting for work you were involved with, then by-golly exercise that vote!

What do we get if we win?

Besides fortune and glory, a special graphic for your website, your Facebook, or wherever you’d like to share it. Each graphic will be tailor made for each winner.


Okay, calm down. There are a lot of shows out there. And while the idea of being like Oprah and going “You get an award! You get an award! Everyone gets an award!” (Check under your seats) is awesome, and probably would be a fun thing to do, it wouldn’t be meaningful to win. By all means, we hope you win, and if you don’t, hopefully, this gives you some exposure and the community selects your production next year. As for us being biased, we have made every attempt for the Audio Verse Awards to be fair, which is why it’s not a secret panel of judges making secret decisions. It is for the community, by the community. We’ll do that any way we can.

Are the Audio Verse Awards going to happen every year? I don’t want to miss out!

The Audio Verse Awards are an annual awards show. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, the show will go on, and on, and on, for many generations to come. 🙂

My question wasn’t answered here. Where’s the best place to ask it?

Hit us up on our contact page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!