Welcome to the 2016 Audio Verse Awards nomination form!

All eligible productions that have “aired” between October 1st, 2015 and September 30th, 2016 are up for consideration. Please check to make sure your production is eligible before nominating it.

Please remember to check the list of nominees before making your nominations, as nominating a production multiple times does not increase it’s chances of winning.

Nominations are open through September 30th. Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

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Nominations for the 2016 Audio Verse Awards are now closed!

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch finalist voting in the next few days! Lots of Nominees to check out and listen to! You should go enjoy their audio goodness!

The Audio Verse Awards would like to thank Zachary Fortais-Gomm, Ashlee Jones and Phillip Merritt for being our patreons and keeping the lights on! Maybe if enough people donate, we might be able to do actual trophies this year!

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